A view of the hidden parts around the inner sections around the city centre of Manchester UK and beyond. How you perceive these derelict sites could be a sort of morbid fascination, or logically analysing the modes and functionally of the remaining fragments of architecture. This blog is the stage 1 of 'Urban Exploration' but I have to emphasise, if you visit these places and tempted to gain access..I wouldnt advise it unless you seek permission from the appropriate authorities.

Angel Meadows 2010

"The lowest, most filthy, most unhealthy and most wicked locality in Manchester."
Friedrich Engels called it 'Hell upon Earth.' But what was Angel Meadow really like in Victorian Manchester? We delve into the history books to find out.

Three hundred years ago, Angel Meadow was a heavenly landscape with views over fields and hills. Indeed, the name conjures an image of some pastoral idyll.

By the mid-19th century however, thanks to Manchester's new industrial age, it had become one of the city's worst slums.

I managed to gain access to the site in 2011, the dig conducted by Oxford Archaeology has been ongoing at varied intervals as the most recent was in 2017-18 close to New Mount St,  close to the new builds and the 'Tobacco Factory' business unit.

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