A view of the hidden parts around the inner sections around the city centre of Manchester UK and beyond. How you perceive these derelict sites could be a sort of morbid fascination, or logically analysing the modes and functionally of the remaining fragments of architecture. This blog is the stage 1 of 'Urban Exploration' but I have to emphasise, if you visit these places and tempted to gain access..I wouldnt advise it unless you seek permission from the appropriate authorities.

WW II sites

Images so far consist of locations on the outskirts of Rochdale, Bury..some are cache depots
to support ammunition and air raid shelters for the workers of the factories whose role may have been to produce ammo?.

Unsure about this structure, there was an access point on the other side, to what I believe could be a bunker. It reminded me of a ROC post-war installation. One person told me, this block was constructed by the local water company around the late 1940's.

Emergency storage tank, Whitelees Rd, Littleborough.

The ones below were taken at Brown Wardle , between Rochdale and Whitworth
I have heard that these were firing ranges used during WW2, as some of the interior structure is built of reinforced concrete with  steel rods.  

As most of these buildings were constructed within short time frame, the floor was uneven and covered in sheep droppings. View point facing north.

Floor level window, facing south in the direction of Rochdale, which is 7 miles away.

Secret WW2 bunker close to a former mill on the outskirts of Rochdale.
On the advice of the group who knew the location, I was asked not to disclose the location..

Hole in the ground?...this was was part of the ventilation section.

Inside, was intact the main structure being reinforced concrete

The actual entrance to the bunker

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