HomeFront WW2 Bunkers around Greater Manchester - Derelict Manchester:

Derelict Manchester:

A view of the hidden parts around the inner sections around the city centre of Manchester, UK and beyond . How you perceive these derelict sites could be morbid, yet exciting.

HomeFront WW2 Bunkers around Greater Manchester

Pillbox Nr Heywood,Lancashire UK

Manshead Hill: Bomb Shelter.

Bury and Rochdale Old Road:

Uncertain of the function of this building probably a ammo depot.

This is a concrete bunker 3.5 miles east of Rochdale. Belived to be a Home Guard storage unit.
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Pillbox Nr Heywood,Lancashire UK
Pillbox Nr Heywood,Lancashire UK
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Pillbox facing west  Nr Heywood,Lancashire UK
Pillbox facing west  Nr Heywood,Lancashire UK


  1. hi, where is the location for the rochdale bunker please... ;-)

  2. hi, i drove past this today and was interested init myself , im suprised nobody has wrote back to you in 3 years and its on rochdale road east, Marland, basically on the side of the road, it has a horrible green locked gate onit which i think is ridiculous,makes it look an eye sore, if you need any further assistance email me and i can even take you to it :) leehart2018@gmail.com