Tameside Demoltion - Derelict Manchester:

Derelict Manchester:

A view of the hidden parts around the inner sections around the city centre of Manchester, UK and beyond . How you perceive these derelict sites could be morbid, yet exciting.

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Wednesday 6 July 2016

Tameside Demoltion

Looks like the Tower of Babel?
<img src="Tameside Demoltion.jpeg" alt="monochrome of the tower of babel" />

These are no longer here, I met  the actor John Henshaw well known for  extensive roles in films and TV.. we made observations on how 'other wordly the site looked.John  said this site 'resembles the blitz'


  1. id like to visit these places, can you tell me the addresses?

    1. Hi Ollie...The pic above that looks like the "tower of babel" is now flattened. Regarding the other locations, just let me know which site you wish to visit, and I can check if they are still there. I can send you a map link of the derelict church for now these are the Google Map co-ordinates: 53.629887, -2.087298
      Thanks for getting in touch

      Best regards