A view of the hidden parts around the inner sections around the city centre of Manchester UK and beyond. How you perceive these derelict sites could be a sort of morbid fascination, or logically analysing the modes and functionally of the remaining fragments of architecture. This blog is the stage 1 of 'Urban Exploration' but I have to emphasise, if you visit these places and tempted to gain access..I wouldnt advise it unless you seek permission from the appropriate authorities.

WW2 Decoy Site Between Littleborough and Ripponden

WW2 Decoy Site Between Littleborough and Ripponden

This is a WW2 Decoy Bunker near Cragg Vale West Yorkshire known as a Starfish Decoy Control Bunker, 

The decoy site was to the south-west of the control bunker towards Great Manshead Hill. It consisted of two lines of flash pans where oil was burned as well as lights and shadow buildings.
Another moor-top oddity - The WWII bunker on the northern descent of Great Manshead, above Ripponden, close to a crook in the Calderdale Way. According to John Manning's 25 Walks in the South Pennines:A handful of men stationed here lit up the hillside using old oil drums during German bombing raids, in the hope that the pilots would mistake the lights for nearby Halifax and drop their deadly cargoes harmlessly onto the moor; a nerve-racking posting.
 Past the square blast wall, the low central passage leads to two rooms, each with a few years' worth of bottles and cans trodden into the mud.

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